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Specializing in private, in-home training.
No packages required. 

Follow the Leader Dog Training celebrates its 10th year!!!

"Yea!! I couldn't have done it w/o you, (my dog) and I both thank you soooo much for helping us out. And I want to thank you especially for the encouragement you gave right at those moments when I was so discouraged."
- C.L., Swanton, VT 

Does This Sound Like Your Dog?

  • Chews shoes, furniture, garbage
  • Guards toys, food bowl, chewies, furniture, kids
  • Pulls away, growls, snaps or bites when being handled
  • Uses inappropriate inside toilet areas
  • Barks at strange people, places, objects, dogs or other animals
  • Jumps up on visitors
  • Mouths your skin, clothing or hair
  • Pulls on leash making walks unpleasant and potentially dangerous 
  • Freaks out and does damage to your home when you leave (especially doors)  
  • Is unpleasant toward other pets in the home or on walks   

"I already referred two friends to you (Our dog) is a different dog already! Huge difference in less than 24 that's what I call results...thanks again."
- B.H., Richmond, VT 

Specializing in private, in-home training. No packages required. 

Fight_smProblem Pets Fall Into Two Categories:

  1. Happy dogs with bad habits
    These dogs are emotionally well, but have undesirable behaviors which can be changed.

  2. Distressed dogs with bad habits
    These puppies and dogs exhibit some of the same behaviors as above, however their behavior is due to emotional upset - usually fear or aggression. Examples of this include dogs guarding their "things" (food, toys, treats, furniture, people), fear of visitors or other dogs, aggression toward people or dogs, dogs who don't like to be handled or dogs who are destructive when left home alone.

The majority of our clients have dogs with emotional problems. Many dogs have these problems. They are not bad dogs, they are just afraid or stressed.

Because of these problems, owners are often unable to take these dogs to trainers or classes outside the home. We visit your home and pinpoint the source of stress. Once we have a diagnosis, we prepare a written plan which addresses your dogs needs. The treatment plan is written with the particular needs of each dog and their family in mind.

"You gave us some great tools for working with (our dog), and he's made some real progress. We had almost as many bad habits to break as the dog did, and now we're much more aware of what's going on around us when we're out so that he won't be put in a situation where he's frantic. Thanks again for your help!"
- L.Z., Winooski, VT

Specializing in private, in-home training. No packages required.


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