Specializing in private, in-home training. No packages required. 

Follow the Leader Dog Training celebrates its 10th year!!!

"Ohmygosh what a difference it is to walk with my dog now. What a joy!"
- B.A., Montpelier, VT

We're Committed to Safe and Effective Dog TrainingOTISJESSICA_sm

Our modern, efficient dog training methods make the most of owner and trainer time, as well as dog attention spans. We get to the root of your dog's problem and treat it with methods that are proven, and not just junk science. Our methods are dog and people friendly and not to mention fun!

We never hurt dogs and owners don't have to either. Dogs may learn to avoid pain in other training methods, but they rarely learn to do what we want them to as easily when they are in distress. That's the basis of our philosophy. Plus, we think dogs are a lot of fun and should be enjoyed as pets and pals. They should like us or even "love" us, but they shouldn't fear us.

"He is doing great. I've had him off leash for most of the time outside and he's been great. He headed up the hill toward the pasture the other day and I called him, he stopped looked at me and then looked up the hill, I called again and he came running to me." 
- S.M. Northfield, VT

We Employ Two Approaches to Dog Training
(Not all trainers can effectively implement these techniques.)

CIMG4000Reward Strategy

This trains dogs who are emotionally sound to do what we want, such as walking nicely on a leash or coming when called, through the use of rewards such as treats, play or going outside. Don't worry. Giving treats won't last forever. They're a training tool that works, but once your dog is trained, it will only take an occasional treat or praise to keep your dog on the right track.

Desensitization and Counterconditioning

This method is used with emotionally distressed dogs to change the dog's view of whatever is upsetting it.

When the owner keeps the "evil" thing at a comfortable distance, then we can teach the dog to be OK with it. This includes helping dogs to accept other dogs on walks, bikes, kids or whatever. Desensitization (basically this is "shrinking" the scarey thing by keeping the dog a comfortable distance from it or by keeping exposures to it brief) is also used with dogs who object to eye contact, being handled or other things that make him/her uncomfortable.

We never use painful leash corrections or aversive therapies such as choke collars.

"I would (and do) highly recommend you to all dog owners. Whether or not they are having problems. I truly believe that I learned more that day then (my first dog) did."
-T. R., Middlebury, VT

Specializing in private, in-home training. No packages required. 


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