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Thanks, are the first person who has truly helped with her---i am deeply grateful---you are number one dog trainer, in my book. - D.N., Jericho, VT

(Our dog) has been doing sooooo well. You would be proud of him. When he meets people he wags his tail and pulls to go greet them. At first I was approaching with a lot of caution, not being sure what his reaction was going to be but he has been very consistent with his greetings. Staying calm and handling himself with confidence. He has been very good when meeting dogs he doesn't know on trail. I still walk him a little ways away from them but he's not barking or growling at them when we go by and sometimes the other dog has been barking at him. I just tell him your ok, follow Mommy and I put myself between him and the other person or dog.

Yea!! I couldn't have done it w/o you, (my dog) and I both thank you soooo much for helping us out. And I want to thank you especially for the encouragement you gave right at those moments when I was so discouraged. - C.L., Swanton, VT

Things are much clearer for me now that I understand what is going on...If you ever consider writing a book, consider writing from the perspective of the changes in your human clients. My work with you has taught me so much about myself and has helped me overcome many behaviors that have never served me well. - Anonymous

The urination hasn't happened again since your visit. We've had several people over since then and she hasn't done that. She's played with many dogs since your visit. There is a great chocolate lab down the street and a boxer across the street that she loves to play with...Overall, life with (our dog) has gotten a million times better than before our consultation with you. Thank you so much for all of your guidance. - A.J., Westford, VT

Thanks so much for the prompt feedback and summary. We were thrilled with meeting you yesterday and felt that it helped (like "parental"counseling) to get us back on top with her training again. We love your approach and tenderness with (our puppy.) This morning A. caught (our puppy) with her head in one of the garden beds and used Leave It and (our puppy) pulled right back from the bed!!!! Wooohooo!!! So thanks so much. We'll be in touch! - M. R. Charlotte, VT

I know it has been some time since you worked with (my dog) but I wanted to give you an update.

(NOTE, the "first" dog is deaf.) We have since gotten a second Boston Terrier. This one is a chocolate Boston. She just turned 2 in June. She was a present from my mom. Her purpose was to be a hearing dog for (my 1st dog.). I have used the techniques that you showed me for (my first dog) and they are the two most perfect dogs that any owner could ask for.

(My first dog) now knows approximately 35 hand signals and responds to each one. (My second dog) knows every one of them also and has actually taught (my first dog) some new ones... They are an amazing pair.

I would like to personally thank you Jill. I don't think my dogs would behave the way they do if it was not for your showing me how to handle them. I know that (my first dog) is deaf, but quite honestly, what she lacks in hearing she makes up for in personality. If it were not for you, I don't know if she would be the way she is today.

I take "the girls" every where with me. And they get so many compliments on how well behaved and how well trained they are. When people ask me about it my first response is "If it wasn't for Jill Halstead training me along with (my first dog), I don't think we would be this way". I am being completely honest here. I have given your name to several people.

I would (and do) highly recommend you to all dog owners. Whether or not they are having problems. I truly believe that I learned more that day then (my first dog) did, although she did do quite well.

Thank you once again Jill. I will forever be grateful for what you taught both (my first dog) and myself. Please feel free to contact me for updates. And not that you would ever need it, but if you ever need a recommendation feel free to use me. I have seen first hand what a terrific trainer you are. Like I said, not only for the dog but for the owner. Sincerely - T. R., Middlebury, VT

Replacing the Gentle Leader with the harness has proved to be invaluable; I was just asking my husband last night if he ever has to say "No pulling" anymore, and he agreed that it's become a total non-issue.  (Our dog) is much happier about being on the leash with the harness, and seems less anxious when we're out walking.  He still sometimes barks at people running on the walkway outside if he's left alone to look out the window, but he stops right away when told.

You gave us some great tools for working with (our dog), and he's made some real progress. We had almost as many bad habits to break as the dog did, and now we're much more aware of what's going on around us when we're out so that he won't be put in a situation where he's frantic. Thanks again for your help! - L.Z., Winooski, VT

(Our dog) is now at the head of the class, most of the time, and continues to be a sweet, loving companion.  She does not follow visitors home, or leave the property which was my concern.  In-ground fence rests in peace and in fact (our dog) has disabled it, (intentionally?) while chasing chipmunks.

Thanks again for turning this once, crazy puppy into a manageable goof and do stop by for some love...- J.J. E. Montpelier

Thank you so much for all your help. (My husband) was awed with your calm and clear expertise as it was the first time we met. You absolutely know the best way to help all of us. - A.W., Shelburne, VT

He is doing great. I've had him off leash for most of the time outside and he's been great. He headed up the hill toward the pasture the other day and I called him, he stopped looked at me and then looked up the hill, I called again and he came running to me. - S.M. Northfield, VT

Thanks again for all your help. You have really helped me, to make life for my dogs the best it can be. I really had my hands full with (my dog.) I love her to death, but it was really hard to control her and now she is such a good girl. The look in her eyes now is so different, before you could see the fear and how unsure she was, now she is so happy. Her big brown eyes just sparkle. It melts my heart in a good way now. - J.V. Barre, VT

Thank you so much for coming and helping me out. You made some great suggestions and observations. I am determined to help (my dog) and I think your plan will offer an excellent stepping stone for results. You really seem to know your stuff and I can tell (my dog) really liked you! Thanks again. I will keep in contact with any questions or progressions I find. - L.H. Burlington, VT

Thank you so much for the very thorough report. We were so impressed with you and all the information you offered. (My dog) missed you when you left, because she kept going back and forth to the doors! - J.F. Waitsfield, VT

I will happily tell our Vet about you and I agree with you about the lack of information regarding where to go for dogs with fear-based issues. We even talked to our Vet about it and all he told us was to "keep her out of trouble. It wasn't very helpful or motivating. - Anonymous

All is going well thanks to your wonderful coaching...They are getting along better and better outside. They love romping together on the long walks. No fights since we stopped letting them loose in the house together. So, we'll keep on this program until we feel safe in trying them loose in the house. Meanwhile, thank you for the wonderful help. We'll pass the word. - D.A. Ferrisburgh, VT

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