Dog Training in Vermont

Specializing in private, in-home training. No packages required. 

Follow the Leader Dog Training celebrates its 10th 

Follow the Leader Dog Training Services provides professional, certified help for you and your dog in your home.

We have successfully helped owners with concerns from basic potty training for puppies to serious aggression issues with mature dogs.

Our methods are dog and people friendly. They're efficient and based on the science of how dogs learn - not on popular, junk theories which easily put people in harm's way and can make dogs worse.


Learn and work with your dog

Specializing in private, in-home training. No packages required. 

We're very proud of the work we've done with dogs of many different sizes, breeds and ages. The "Testimonials" page on this site will give you a taste of what some of our clients have to say about our work.

Here's a sample:

All is going well thanks to your wonderful coaching...They are getting along better and better outside. They love romping together on the long walks. No fights since we stopped letting them loose in the house together. So, we'll keep on this program until we feel safe in trying them loose in the house. Meanwhile, thank you for the wonderful help. We'll pass the word. - D.A. Ferrisburgh, VT


Tailored Effective Efficient

Specializing in private, in-home training. No packages required. 

Our in-home services are available to homes within an hour and half of Burlington, VT. After the initial consult, owners receive a report detailing recommendations specific to their dog, their abilities and their goals. Owners receive a free follow up period of two months to make sure things are on track.

Free follow ups are conducted by e-mail or phone. Often, one consult is sufficient. Rates (see "Rates" page) for follow up sessions are reduced and include an e-mail synopsis of the session as well as the two-month free follow up period.


Your best friend

Specializing in private, in-home training. No packages required. 

The majority of our clients have dogs with agression problems. Many dogs have these problems. They are not bad dogs, they are just afraid or stressed. Because of these problems, owners are often unable to take these dogs to trainers or classes outside the home.

We visit your home, interview the owners and to pinpoint the source of stress. Once we have a diagnosis, we prepare a written plan which addresses your dogs needs. The treatment plan is written with the particular needs of each dog and their family in mind.

Our Mission

Last, as with many doctors, our motto is "First, do no harm." We have helped many dogs who have been harmed by using "strong arm" methods because owners thought their dogs were "dominant" or "Alphas." Don't be fooled. These labels are likely to hurt your work with your dog. Let us help you learn to identify your dog's specific triggers and help you teach them to see them as friends and not foes. This approach will keep your dog from simply masking aggression to treating its underlying causes. - Jill Halstead, Richmond, VT.

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